Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yes, finally an update. We moved and lost our camera. Both Boys are done with the baseball season. Bridger played in The Stansbury league and Brody went to Tooele this year to play in The Babe Ruth League, he played on The Dodger's. It was an awesome season for both of them, being that their teams both took 1st place in the whole division!!! Brody played a new position this year...catcher (yes, we made our first purchase ever of a "cup")! There were several kids that played in Brody's league. We feel it is quite an accomplishment for him that he made The All-Star team for Tooele County. They are practicing twice a day for two hours at each practice, once in the morning from 6:45-9am and again at night from 7:45-10pm. The Stansbury High School baseball coach attended their last game, he was impressed with Brody and is anxious for him to enter the High School in 2011. All-Star updates will soon be coming....


Bridger's team was the REDS this year, he played several different positions and had a fun season.