Monday, October 19, 2009

Haunted Heber Creeper

On Saturday we went to the Haunted Heber Creeper ride with my Family, I tthought our kids would be too old, but they weren' was so much fun! And the fall colors up the canyon were amazing!

PumPkIN PaTch!

Saturday, was the first day off we have all had together for quite awhile, so we took full advantage of the beautiful day. Here are pics of the annual pumpkin patch trip!

Birthday Party

On October 10, we celebrated Larry's(Kevin's Dad) 75th birthday. We went to the Lion House for dinner, which was a huge surprise, it was awesome because kevin has sibling's that do not live local anymore and they were able to attend. The night before, Kevin's oldest Brother, Calvin, who flew in from Texas, came out to our house with Kevin's Parents & we went to dinner. It was a very special weekend! Thanks again Calvin for the great Burger...& Fry sauce!!!

I love this picture of her
Kevin's entire Family, there are 8 children

All of the "boys"

After the dinner we walked over the JSM Building, here are a few pics from there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kevin loves the upcoming Holidays, here is our house decorated for Halloween...

First Broken Bone

The other night Brody & Bridger were playing football at my Mom's, Bridger came running in & said he thought he broke his shoulder. (He is somewhat a bit of a hypochondriac) I didn't believe him at first, he was laying on the ground...white as a ghost ...sweating profusley...and said he was going to throw hour later, here we are....broken collar bone! Guess I wont doubt my kids anymore.